Truck- and trailer tarpaulins

We can offer you tarpaulins, sheeting, protective covers, boot covers (tarpaulin), pond linings and lots more.

Tarpaulins for trucks, commercial vehicles and trailers are produced, printed (text and images), repaired if necessary and mounted directly in our factory.


  • Sliding tarpaulins
  • Roll-up tarpaulins
  • Full tarpaulins
  • Roofing sheets


The materials are also printed without any compromises, with text and images (plots and computer airbrush technique) of the very best quality to your specifications so that you enjoy looking at them for a long time to come!

Wherever your vehicles may be headed, our tarpaulins perform exactly as promised!


A. Arnegger GmbH - Tarpaulins based on experience -

Our very high quality standards are assured by in-house production.

PVC tarpaulins are resistant to wind and weather, as well as UV light.