Air Dome

An air dome is an inflated airtight elastic bubble over a robust base plate.


Excess pressure is built up a blower to support the hall structure via a safe and robust supporting structure. The required blower is exceedingly quiet and the slight excess pressure barely perceptible. Unlike a shaky tent, the air dome can even withstand stormy weather and its spacious interior is also wind and weather-proof.

Air domes offer a whole series of advantages over solid halls. They are considerably less expensive and can be erected and dismantled more rapidly. And they can be used for an almost unlimited number of purposes. They are particularly ideal for use as spacious storage halls, mobile exhibition halls or practical sports halls. The size of the hall can be varied and tailored to the prevailing conditions, entirely as required.

We have developed a special air dome for temporary use which can be erected and dismantled with little effort before and after the season or event. Its form and equipment make it the ideal venue for catering, cultural or multimedia events. Ask for our quotation.


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