Textile Architecture





Textile Architecture

Textile architecture has its roots in the oldest forms of human habitation and will be a significant part of the architectural future.


Textile architecture means building tensile structures with textiles, ropes and steel. The possibilities of using this form of architecture is growing fast and has tripled in the last 10 years. Resource-saving material usage, filigrane aesthetic and creative shapes are the opportunities of tensile structures.


Together with international architects and engineers, we have realised fascinating projects all over the world. Thanks to our decade-long experience in textile architecture, tensile structures and membrane buildings, we can provide highest quality and an extensive knowledge. Convince yourself in our project history.


Textile Architecture - Project history


The development of durable new, high-quality materials has led to a renaissance of textile architecture. Weather resistance, load-bearing capacities, flame retardancy, long-durability and dirt-repellence are some of the advantageous behaviours of membrane fabrics.


Due to constant on-going development of membrane fabrics, a long durability and a fabulous optic can be guaranteed. Information about the possible fabrics in textile architecture can be found in our material overview.


Textile Architektur Details


  1. Arnegger GmbH has pioneered the development together with other players, and is constantly working intensively to develop new forms and ideas with its partners.

Our efforts are always based on the question: what will be the shape of tomorrow's structures?

Our answer: they will have luminous roofs, floating forms and mobile structures! Nothing is impossible in the future, for standstill constitutes a step backwards.

  1. Arnegger GmbH uses state-of-the-art technology and traditional know-how to develop tomorrow's structures.


Explore the possibilities in our picture gallery or look through our project history for specific projects.

Architects, designers and the advertising industry have focused their attention on the variety of designs that can be realized with textile materials.
Together with you, we will give the future a new face. Hand in hand - at eye level.


By request, we are able to provide everything from a single-source: Consulting, planning, membrane manufacturing, assembly and project management.


Our picture gallery contains examples of our work.

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