For all those who like to sleep under the oldest roofs known to mankind, we build tents, tepees, nomadic tents and yurts.

Please contact us if you are interested in a nomadic tent or yurt. We will be glad to advise you without obligation and free of charge. These products are made up in material of different thickness and according to the customer's individual wishes.

Tepees are made up in different materials and different thickness. We use cotton or cotton blends in grammages from 300 g/m² to 540 g/m². The outer fabrics are impregnated and therefore rot-resistant. The fabric for the linings is not impregnated as it is inside the tepee and therefore not in contact with water. Headliners for tepees are also available on request.

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Sizes range from 4.50 m to 12 m, depending on the purpose for which the tepee is needed.


Useful information for purchasing a tepee:


Interested amateurs may easily be confused by the immense variety of tepees / tents available.
However, care must be exercised here, for prices vary considerably even for what appears to be the same quality.
The following criteria should be noted without fail.


  • The fabric should always be sailcloth or at the very least a cotton blend.
  • The grammage plays an important part:
    Care should be taken to ensure that the material is not too light. It should weigh at least 350 g/m². We recommend a 400 g/m² fabric for tepees which are to remain out of doors for long periods of time.
  • Due to its durable, tear-resistant and watertight weave, sailcloth or cotton blend has been used for centuries in professional tent construction and for sails. However, we recommend that you buy an impregnated tepee if it is to remain permanently out of doors where it is exposed to wind and weather. This fabric is not only waterproof, but also rot-resistant.
  • Workmanship is particularly important, especially here. Ensure that the reinforcements and double plies are stoutly stitched on the tepee. A low price is impossible in view of the intensive labour and stout stitching required.
    It goes without saying that we will produce a tent to your individual requirements and will advise you without obligation and free of charge.


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