Thermal membrane • Baiersbronn



Thermal membrane with Ferrari Soltis SK20




For energy saving and protecting the wood work the ice rink in Baiersbronn was equipped with a thermal membrane. The fabric Soltis SK20 from Serge Ferrari is coated with LowE which reflects the cold from the ice rink and minimizes the needed energy significantly.

Further the acoustic and the reverberation increases with the suspended ceiling and increses the well-being of the guests.

The membrane has a long life-time and also very good fire protection properties: fire protection class A2-s1-d0 (EN 13501-1) or A2 (DIN 4102).

The membrane was manufactured with all needed details and openings for lights, cables, ventilation system etc. Two hexagonal PVC-membranes are installed at the front sides as projection screens.



Thermal membrane Soltis SK20 • Baiersbronn

completion date 09/2018
location Baiersbronn
fabric manufacturer Ferrari
fabric name Soltis SK20
fabric description silicone-coated fibre-glass fabric
membrane detail planning Kiefer. Textile Architektur
size 1500 sqm
scope of service project management, membrane manufacturing, assembly
description thermal membrane, internal membrane

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