Membrane helix • Phänomenta Lüdenscheid


For the science-center „Phänomenta“ in Lüdenscheid we have manufactured and assembled this membrane with over 1000 square-meters, which is tensioned over a more than 75m high steel skeleton.

The membrane made of Ferrari Precontraint 1202 S2 runs spirally from top to bottom and gets its form by three over 50m long wire ropes.

This fascinating eye-catcher is a landmark for the city Lüdenscheid and through the possibility to illuminate the membrane the fascination of this breath-taking tower in increased even more.



completion date 10/2015
location Lüdenscheid (Germany)
fabric manufacturer Serge Ferrari
fabric name Precontraint 1202 S2
fabric description: PVC-coated polyester fabric
size 1000 sqm
scope of service membrane manufacturing, assembly
description membrane helix



Link to the video: 





Link to the video:




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