Membrane roof • Vodnany (Czech Rep.)



Membrane roof in Vodnany/CZ



For a notable Austrian machine manufacturer we had the honour to roof the gateway and parts of the parking area of their new factory in Vodnany in the Czech Republic. Fortunately we´ve been able to fulfil their wishes for a functional but also a visually attractive solution.


The membrane roof covers an area of 2120qm at all and is hold in place by two curved round steel arches with a length of 40m each and two additional S-ropes. The further tensioning is done by 7 poles with lengths of over 14m. There were used a total of 625 meters of cable ropes with diameters from 20 to 40mm.


The main membrane with a size of 2000sqm was manufactured with a PVC-coated Polyester fabric in type IV. Because of fire protection, there was manufactured another membrane with 120sqm of a non-flammable PTFE-coated fibreglass fabric to connect with the current building. The PVC- and the PTFE-membrane are connected with an eye to prevent water from coming down between the two membranes.


Furthermore there was installed a rain gutter to control the water direction into the two foundations at the ends of the arches.


The architecural design was mady by the architect Claire Braun( This fascinating construction shows one more time what wonderful forms and technical possibilities can be realized with textile constructions.

completion date 07/2016
location Vodnany (Czech Rep.)
fabric manufacturer Verseidag
fabric name B4618 & B18039
fabric description PVC-coated Polyester fabric & PTFE-coated fibreglass fabric
architect Arch. Dipl. Ing. Claire Braun, MEng (
size 2200 sqm
scope of service project management, membrane engineering, membrane manufacturing, assembly
description membrane roof

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