Funnel umbrellas • 02/2013 • Aulendorf





To protect their exhibition space a well-known motorhome manufacturer from Aulendorf decided to roof it with 9 fixed funnel umbrellas, each 16mx16m. The modular arranged umbrellas are covering an area of 2304 square-meters. The height of the steel- structure is 10m-the membrane floats at a height of 7m. As membrane material was used the high-quality PVC-coated polyester fabric “Precontraint 1202 S2” from the company Serge Ferrari.





completion date 02/2013
location Aulendorf (Germany)
fabric manufacturer Serge Ferarri
fabric name Precontraint 1202 S2
fabric description PVC-coated polyester fabric
size 2304 sqm
scope of service planning, membrane manufacturing, assembly
description Funnel umbrellas





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